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About Rhenopharma

The Rhenopharma Group is a consortium of leading companies in the pharmaceutical sector, dedicated to the development, production, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical products and services. The group is composed of Rhenochem, allpack, and Konapharma, working together to offer innovative products and services worldwide.

We stand for the highest quality, agility, and reliability in all our processes. Our trusted, collaborative partnerships with customers and partners form the foundation of our success. Additionally, we place great emphasis on sustainability by integrating eco-friendly practices and resource-efficient technologies into our production processes. The Rhenopharma Group is proud to improve healthcare and contribute to a better tomorrow through our combined efforts.

Our vision

We strive to further establish ourselves as one of the leading Swiss pharmaceutical groups in the global healthcare industry by ensuring the efficiency and safety of pharmaceutical supply chains through outstanding quality, agility, and reliability. As innovative and forward-thinking providers of “Supply Chain as a Service,” we optimize the benefits and profits of our B2B customers and improve patient care worldwide. Through trusted and collaborative partnerships with our stakeholders, we are committed to sustainability to secure long-term success and make a positive contribution to global healthcare.

Our mission
We build the right companies and competencies within our group and lead them to excellence, both individually and in combination. By developing and providing safe, effective, and affordable medicines and services that meet medical needs, we make a meaningful contribution to public health. Our innovative and unique approach to “Supply Chain as a Service” optimizes supply chains to enhance efficiency, profitability, and patient care on a global scale. In a trusted partnership with our stakeholders, we pursue sustainable strategies to achieve lasting success.
Our purpose

Our goal is to improve medical care worldwide and sustainably enrich people’s lives. As one of the leading Swiss full-service providers for pharmaceutical solutions, we develop, produce, package, and distribute innovative and effective medicines in collaboration with our partners. We are committed to delivering pharmaceutical products to international markets promptly and efficiently. At the heart of all our activities is the well-being of patients, spanning from meticulous research and development of new therapies to the last mile of the supply chain. Through our strong commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, we aim not only to meet current challenges but also to actively advance and improve global healthcare. With a clear focus on patient-centered approaches and partnerships, we offer solutions that truly make a difference.